Track efficiency and communications per garment

Fabricare Piece Manager (FPM) is another powerful system add-on to Fabricare Manager POS. FPM can count and time employee piece work without error and communicate garment messages between mark-in, plant, assembly and front counter personnel. More than 30 summary and detailed reports are available to analyze piece costs, statistics, employee efficiency and garment messages.

The Fabricare Piece Manager system is composed of one or more workstations placed throughout the plant to capture, collect and display garment specific data by using bar code scans. Each workstation is a touch screen tablet computer networked into the same database server as Fabricare Manager POS.

Every garment on every order created in Fabricare Manager POS ties directly back to its own scan processing history. So, all you need to do to recall that history is press the “Process History” button in order detail view. You also have access to process history with orders being assembled on computers using Fabricare Assembly Services (FAM). Because of this tight integration, your production, assembly and counter personnel are all able to work even better together as an effective team.

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