Fabricare Manager synchronizes route data with Starchup apps

  • Starchup Customer Apps
    • Register new, or edit current customer information synced with Fabricare Manager
    • “Refer a Friend” reward credits synced to Fabricare Manager
    • Customers approve and/or cancel pickups
    • Text message pickup alerts
    • Text message delivery alerts
    • Driver/Customer communications
  • Driver App
    • Syncs Fabricare Manager route data
    • Will call pickups and cancelations adjust manifest in real-time
    • Scans bags for Fabricare Manager Mark-In identification
    • Uses navigation between stops with traffic avoidance
    • Driver ETA to each stop destination
    • Logs time and date of pickups and deliveries
  • Web Browser Dashboard App
    • Allows route optimization of stops synced from Fabricare Manager
    • Staff may register or edit customer information synced to Fabricare Manager
    • Staff may create pickup orders synced to Fabricare Manager
    • Reports allow managers to review driver pickup and delivery logs
  • Digital door to door sign up

    Easy way for driver to sign up and register new customers face to face using the customer’s own smartphone.

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