Hi. Let’s look at how to Add or Edit Customers with your Fabricare Manager system.

After signing in to the software with your ID, go to the bottom left of the screen to select the Helper button and then select Edit Customer at the top.

We type in the customer’s Last Name in the first field and then the First Name in the second field. You can enter, tab or touch to move to the next line. Once the first and last names have been completed, press Add Customer or Enter and Yes to confirm adding this customer -- Jason George.

The next screen displayed is the General customer information screen. Here is where you enter the address, phone numbers, starch preference and reminders that can be displayed every time the customer is invoiced.

We’ll type in some sample info for the address (“123 Main Street,” in this case), city is “Anywhere”, the state is just “ST” for our sample, a zip code of “55555,” and a phone number of “770-555-1212.” In the Invoice Reminder section, we’ll put “Crease Sleeves.” Let’s also change “Do Not Print” to “Print With Invoices.”

Next, we press the Email button and are taken to the email setup screen. This is where we can specify if the customer wants to receive email communication and which types. We enter the main contact email address in the Contact Address field. This email can then be copied to the other fields, or different addresses can be used for the various types of correspondence and notification.

We put “” for the main Contact Address, and for the “Order Ready” email we’ll put a different one — “”

Press the Discounts button to provide automatic discounts for certain customers such as employees, senior citizens or military personnel. All discounts are customizable and can be assigned or removed as needed, including setting automatic expiration dates. You can even choose the Birthday discount to give customers discounts for their birthday week.

Press the General tab to change the starch or hanger preference, enable or disable heatseals and allow or remove a customer’s permission to pay by check.

We press the Cash Account button to set the customer’s billing details, which can be Cash Account, Statement Billed or Credit Card Billed. We select Statement Billed and press OK.

The Front Counter button can be used to assign a customer to a price list different from the default store or front counter one.

When all data or changes are complete, we save this record and add it to the customer database.

And that’s it for Adding or Editing Customers.