Fabricare Manager’s Adjust Account function is used when you need to make changes to a customer’s account, such as: adding credits, listing debits or paying a garment claim.

Log in to Fabricare Manager and press Helper (at the bottom left) to reveal the icons that include Adjust Account (which is second from the top).

After pressing the Adjust Account button, we type in a customer’s last name — “George” in this example — and select the account that comes up for “George, Jason.”

We’ll assign a Sales Credit to the account by pressing that button (on the top right). We then type in a Reason. In this case, we’ll say, “Good Customer Credit.” Next, we enter the Amount of the credit, which we’ll say is $5.00. Press Save to add the credit to Mr. George’s account.

Now, let’s now try assigning a Customer Debit. Back at the Helper menu, we press Adjust Account again and bring up the George account.

This time, we select the Sales Debit button. In the Reason field, let’s go ahead and type in Balance Owed. The amount to be debited is also $5.00, and we press Save to assign the debit to the George account.

There are some other useful options on the “Adjust Account” screen.

Those buttons include:

  • Pay Garment Claim, which is used for damaged items for which the customer needs reimbursement.
  • Pay Refund is for customers who are dissatisfied with the cleaning and need to be compensated.
  • Deposit Prepay can add a dollar amount for the customer to use for future garment pickups.
  • And Credit Card Utility is for charging a card without an invoice.