Hi. To Price a Work Order in Fabricare Manager, we use the Work Order screen.

Enter your ID and then click on the Work Order button under the Order menu on the left side.

Toggle the blue button to Work Order, scan the barcode or type the work order number and then press Enter and then OK for any Invoice Reminder popup.

The Invoice Writing screen appears. The Cleaning Department has already been selected during the Work Order Creation process, so we can go ahead and press the desired category for a list of options for that category.

Select the garment, color and pattern. Once the options for your garment are displayed correctly on the right side of the screen, press the add item button and you are returned to the category selection screen. Continue to add additional garments as needed, following the steps for each. Make sure they have all displayed correctly on the right side of the screen.

When all items have been added, press Save and the invoice completion screen appears. Here you can indicate Coupons, Add Notes, change the ready date, create a new invoice or Save-Print this invoice to finish the process. After Saving and Printing, hit Cancel at the Work Order screen to return to the Clerk Menu.

And that’s it for Pricing a Work Order.