Hi. Fabricare Manager’s Work Order Creation function does exactly that.

Enter your ID at the Clerk Menu and press OK.

Select the Work Order button at the top of the Order menu to bring up the Work Order screen.

Use the blue toggle button to access the Last Name option, and start typing the customer’s last name.

Click the name of the customer for which the work order will be created and OK for any Invoice Reminder that may pop up.

At the Department screen, we choose the Cleaning department, enter 2 for the the number of pieces and press OK.

The Cleaning screen can be used to indicate Coupons, Add Notes, change the date and time of completion and create an additional work order for the same customer.

Pressing the Minus or Plus button next to the Ready On date moves the date backward or forward one day, and the calendar that appears can also be used to select a different day.

Pressing Minus or Plus next to the time moves the Ready time back or up one hour.

We select the Coupons, etc. button to reveal options for Coupons, Discounts or Service Fees. In this example, we'll press Coupons and then select the $5 off Coupon and apply it.

You may now select Another Department or the Next Work Order. In this case, we choose Next Work Order. We’ll add a Household item — one piece— and press OK.

Now, press Finished and then Cancel at the Work Order screen to return to the Clerk menu.

And that’s it for Work Order Creation.