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Dry Cleaning POS Software Systems

Fabricare Systems, LLC has provided dry cleaner’s computer software and hardware solutions for dry cleaners and laundries since 1999. Designed for touch screens, the Fabricare Manager POS is user-friendly and fast, truly placing business management right at your fingertips. Partner with us to enhance all of your business functions and see how efficiency and effectiveness can increase your profitability. We provide training, tech support, and user-friendly dry-cleaning POS systems that are meant to eliminate mistakes while increasing productivity.

Our goal is to help our clients ensure customer satisfaction by staying on track and managing information with our dry cleaner’s computer. When you depend on us, your customers can depend on you to run your business smoothly and free of problems. Fabricare Manager POS works equally well for single dry cleaning stores, multiple locations or large chains. A wide array of configuration settings allows the system to be customized for the exact way you do business.