Save Time and Money with our Dry Cleaning Assembly System

Fabricare Assembly Manager (FAM) is a powerful dry-cleaning management software option for Fabricare Manager that has all the advantages of a dry-cleaning conveyor used for assembly, but at a much lower cost. FAM is a flexible system that can be used in a central plant or at multiple locations. The components in our FAM include all of the following:

  • Computer
  • Display
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Invoice Printer
  • Number Slots, Rails, or J-Hooks

Barcodes are heat-sealed into the clothes at mark-in. When a garment is scanned, the monitor shows (in a large font) the slot number where to hang the garment, while the dry cleaner’s computer voice calls it out over the speakers or headphones. The screen also displays the customer’s name, the garment’s full description, mark-in instructions, and a list of the prior invoices completed.

Easy to Train, Easy to Use

Training for FAM and its dry cleaning barcode system is a snap. The clerk scans the barcode, hangs the garment in the designated slot and– upon seeing/hearing the “order complete” message– removes and bags it. Invoices are printed in the assembly bay when the order is completed.

If you’ve been considering utilizing an automated dry cleaning assembly system at your business but thought it would probably be too expensive or complicated, talk to the team at Fabricare Systems, LLC. We’ll show you just how reasonable and simple “managed assembly” by Fabricare Manager can be.

Contact our team to learn how our dry cleaner’s computer software for assembly systems streamlines your business. We proudly serve business owners throughout the United States and worldwide.