FAQs for Our Fabricare Manager POS System

Read the Fabricare Manager POS system FAQs below for answers to common questions. For further information, please contact Fabricare Systems, LLC by calling us or messaging our team online.

Fabricare Manager sounds like the right solution for me, but is it expensive?

No. We pride ourselves in having the lowest cost of ownership, feature-for-feature, compared to other systems. We work hard to keep overhead costs down so we can pass the savings on to you. Financing is also available.

Is technical support available after hours?

Yes, our technicians are always on call.

I like the idea of using a touchscreen, but can I use a mouse and keyboard with Fabricare Manager?

Certainly. A mouse is needed to set up parts of Windows and can work simultaneously with your touchscreen. A keyboard is needed for quick text input (Name, Address, etc.) in both Windows and certain parts of Fabricare Manager.

Can Fabricare Manager handle routes with multiple pricing schemes?

Certainly. Fabricare Manager has a comprehensive routes capability that allows you to group customers and businesses within routes. Any customer or business on a route can be assigned to his own individual price list, group price list or price level within a price list. Incoming and outgoing sales reports can also be subtotaled by route or price list.

I need to mark-in clothes at a drive-through window. Can I write invoices and switch to cash out other customers at the same time?

Yes. If you have the need, you can also rack completed orders while invoicing or cashing out, too. You can also prepay and pick up invoices for a customer within the same cash out transaction.

Can Fabricare Manager automatically change prices within a price list?

Yes. Fabricare Manager has the ability to increase or decrease prices by amount or percentage and can round results to the nearest nickel. Final prices can be previewed before they are committed and saved. This can save hours of work, especially if you have multiple price lists. Fabricare Manager can also clone price lists, and prices within those can be changed to suit the business, customer or group assigned to the new price list.

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