Starting a Dry Cleaning Business, Part 1

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If you are interested in starting a laundry and dry cleaning business, you want to know as much information as possible before you decide if this business matches your needs. For example, are you comfortable with handling dirty laundry? If you enjoy cleaning clothes and making them nice for others, you will do well in this business. It also helps to be good at paying attention to the details, so that you won’t lose track of the customers’ items. You will always need to make sure the results of the washing, cleaning, pressing, and folding are outstanding. Consider the following points to consider as you are doing your research:

Skills & Experience

There are a few essential skills to have if you want to build a successful laundry and dry cleaning. For example, you need to be friendly with the walk-in customers. You will also need to notice stains or damage to the clothing to point them out to your customers. As well, the work schedule and turnaround times are pretty tight, and your customers depend on their items being ready when promised.

Target Market

This retail business works with repeat customers coming from the local area. Your satisfied regular customers help create a reliable customer base. You need to be aware of a customer’s possible allergic reactions to prevent them from occurring. Also, some of your customers will be concerned with the chemicals used. Others may be concerned by the environmental impact of this business. If you want to explore using more organic cleaning methods, you may want to research starting an eco-friendly laundry company.

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