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A Guided Tour of Fabricare Manager’s Cash Out Function

One of the major benefits of Fabricare Systems software is that the company provides guided step-by-step video tutorials on some of its function. For example, in one video, a voice-over narrator guides viewers through the use of the software’s cash-out function. Close-up views of the computer point out the areas that coordinate with the scripted tutorial. The explanations are simple, easy-to-follow, and extremely helpful in training new employees. Fabricare has honed the tutorials over time as it has been in business since 1999.

The online tutorials are outstanding illustrations of the level of support offered by the company to its software customers. They include such topics as “Dropping Off,” “Picking Up,” and “Training” that are offered in its best dry cleaning software. Below is a sample transcript of Fabricare’s guided tour on cashing out, which is the process to conduct when a customer comes to retrieve his or her garments and pay.

  • Log In at the Clerk Menu: Enter your ID and press OK.
  • On the left side of the screen, select the icon for the “Cash Out” button.
    • The blue rectangular toggle enables you to choose how to look up an order with the following different criteria: last name, customer’s phone number, work order, or invoice number.
  • Using the “last name” to look up the order, type in the word “test” as a sample name.
  • Select the “test” customer name to go to that customer’s payment screen where you will find the customer’s invoices, amount summaries, pieces, and invoice numbers.
  • Choose the invoices for this pickup and press “Tender” at the bottom of the screen, which takes you to the screen that displays the payment options: cash, check, credit card.
  • To collect payment, press the “Approve” button. Next, you press “Sales Receipt” at the bottom or “Done” to complete the transaction.
  • Once you are done, you can return to the original “Cash Out” screen and hit “Cancel” to go back to the “Clerk Menu.”


Part 2: Things to Consider When Buying a Dry Cleaner Business

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To continue our blog on “Things to Consider When Buying a Dry Cleaner Business,” we are adding the following financial questions to ask to be sure you are making the most informed possible decision about your purchase.

You may be leasing the location of your dry cleaning business, but you want to determine whether the business owner owns the space. If he or she owns the space, ask if they intend to sell the real estate in the future. If you are leasing the space, speak with the landlord and review the agreement to determine whether or not the lease is transferable.

Between presses, form finishers, and toppers, the cost of dry cleaning equipment like presses, form finishers, and toppers adds up quickly. By talking with the existing owner, you can determine whether or not the dry cleaning equipment is included in the sale of the business. If the equipment is not included, you will also be making a sizable investment in purchasing the essential equipment for your business.

Operating Expenses
When you are serious about buying a dry cleaning business, you need to request to review pertinent financial documents, contracts, taxes, and utility bills, to understand the average operating expenses of the business.

Asking Price
It’s fair game for you to ask the existing owner how he or she arrived at the asking price. Was it chosen by a professional valuation service? If so, it’s likely an accurate reflection of the value of the business.

When you are considering getting becoming the owner of a dry cleaner’s business, contact Fabricare Systems, LLC to learn about the best dry cleaning software available on today’s market. Our software covers every aspect of the business for ideal effectiveness and efficiency.


Part 1: Things to Consider When Buying a Dry Cleaner Business

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As in starting any kind of new business, it’s crucial to do your research when buying a dry cleaner business. Once you’ve found a dry cleaner’s for sale that interests you, be sure to learn everything you can about the business. Some of the most useful and relevant information to consider before buying into the dry cleaning industry includes the following:

Average Revenues

While dry cleaning is a highly competitive business, some research shows that in2017, the industry’s revenue was $9.1 billion. There is no guarantee, however, that annual revenues will increase, so it pays to do your due diligence before buying the business.

Differences in Dry Cleaning Businesses

In a competitive market, it’s critical that a business differentiates itself from its competitors. Consider what your prospective dry cleaner business does to set itself apart. Some things to look for in a dry cleaner business for sale are:

  • Environmentally-Friendly Practices
  • Pickup and Delivery Options
  • Ability to Clean Home Goods like Carpets and Rugs
  • Laundry Services
  • Alteration Services
  • Same-Day Service

When you are ready to become a dry cleaning business owner, reach out to Fabricare Systems, LLC, for the best dry cleaning software. With Fabricare’s POS system you can manage, track, and run your business with optimal organization and efficiency.


Why It’s Called Dry Cleaning

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We think of “dry” cleaning as cleaning that doesn’t use any moisture at all. After all, how can it be dry if there is liquid involved? In reality, there is a little moisture in dry cleaning and a tiny amount of water.  However, items washed at home, cleaned in water, are in 100% moisture. The dry cleaning process is when items are cleaned in a liquid that is actually a dry solvent, which means that there is no moisture in it. A dry solvent removes stains like oils and grease but does not always eliminate wet stains like grass, milk, or mud.

Washing a piece of grease-stained clothing in your washer is not going to get the grease to come out. But when that same item of clothing is dry cleaned, the grease cleans right out. However, if you place an item with mud on it in your washing machine with a little detergent the mud washes right out. So, it’s called dry cleaning not because of the lack of liquid but because of the absence of moisture.

With today’s advanced methods, dry cleaners can keep your clothes looking new. With the industry’s, best dry cleaning software from Fabricare Systems, LLC, dry cleaning companies stay organized, practical, customer-oriented, and successful.