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What Are Artisan Cleaners?

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In the world of artisan beer, cheese, pizza, and more, we now have artisan cleaning businesses. Some dry cleaners employ artisans to take care of wedding gowns, formals, and tuxedos, but they may not call themselves an “artisan cleaning business.” Many artisan dry cleaners hand wash delicate items, and clean oversize items like blankets, quilts, comforters, draperies, and area rugs. They may also handle such special requests as using fragrance-free, dye-free soap for sensitive skin. Also, they can automatically e-mail their customers to let them know that their order is ready.

The presumable difference offered by artisan cleaners is that the customer is getting the best care for his or her garments. Some artisan cleaners use specialized methods, to ensure unparalleled service for the designer, couture, and other high-end garments. You might say these cleaners specialize in “luxury garment care.” Their experts clean and restore garments one at a time. The clothes are meticulously hand finished, which ensures every piece gets the proper care and handling.

If you own a collection of rare fabrics and need unconventional cleaning methods and specialized equipment to address your item’s exact fabric, trim, and finish requirements, you might find the artisan cleaners that are located near you.

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Starting a Dry Cleaning Business, Part 2

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The dry cleaning business is all about being on schedule. From opening the store on time to making sure that orders are fulfilled promptly you can expect to stay busy, especially if you need to make sure the equipment is operating properly. To continue our information from “Starting a Dry Cleaning Business, Part 1,” we have listed some more items below.

Growth Potential

You must first choose the business model you want to follow. For example, do you want to use your retail space as a drop-off and pick-up location only? Or, do you want all the washing and cleaning to be done onsite at your location? It is possible to have a number of retail locations supported by an industrial location where all the cleaning of the clothes takes place. You may also be able to start with a franchise opportunity in this industry.

Startup Costs

The costs involved in opening a laundry and dry cleaning business begin with paying the deposit for the lease and the first month’s rent for the storefront. Also, you will need to have signage on the front of the store that makes it visible to those that drive by. If you plan to conduct the work on your site, you need to have equipment, a cash register, cleaning supplies, coat hangers, and plastic bags, as well as a mechanical clothes rack that rotates the finished clothing.

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