Why It’s Called Dry Cleaning

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We think of “dry” cleaning as cleaning that doesn’t use any moisture at all. After all, how can it be dry if there is liquid involved? In reality, there is a little moisture in dry cleaning and a tiny amount of water.  However, items washed at home, cleaned in water, are in 100% moisture. The dry cleaning process is when items are cleaned in a liquid that is actually a dry solvent, which means that there is no moisture in it. A dry solvent removes stains like oils and grease but does not always eliminate wet stains like grass, milk, or mud.

Washing a piece of grease-stained clothing in your washer is not going to get the grease to come out. But when that same item of clothing is dry cleaned, the grease cleans right out. However, if you place an item with mud on it in your washing machine with a little detergent the mud washes right out. So, it’s called dry cleaning not because of the lack of liquid but because of the absence of moisture.

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